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  1. NightOwl392

    CANNOT SAVE After WIN 10 update

    I'm unable to save with a new game as well, i can start a new game, but even though it says saving, it never generates a save file.
  2. NightOwl392

    Start Astroneer

    I would not say its anything you did, have you tried starting a new game? This doesn't look like the actual start of a game, maybe it glitched on startup, or you have an old version. Just some thoughts.
  3. NightOwl392

    Game not creating save file

    Having the same issue, just started after the latest windows updates.
  4. Just ran into this issue today as well. Will check out the patch and see if I can uninstall it, and if that helps.
  5. I have both the "Galactic Boogaloo" and "...And Beyond" trophy's on the PS4 platform, but the galactic customizations (including the dance) are not unlocking. Also having an issue with "The Wanderer's Way" achievement, Glacio Pioneer 1 is not unlocking. Even though all historical probes were found, I did not see the wanderer though the last rift.