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  1. Heavy_Logic

    Gameplay is not Smooth

    Astroneer runs just fine on my laptop, however I am using a MSI Apache Pro with a GTX 1060 graphics card.
  2. I have had this happen aswell, but only when I join my friends. It doesnt seem to happen as the host. In my experience this only happens when the players are far apart from the host. (on a different planet for example). So far I haven't had these issues staying within close proximity to the host.
  3. Heavy_Logic

    Solar Output Difference

  4. Heavy_Logic

    Session not found bug

    Lemme see what I can find. ok here, and... Here https://beta.support.xbox.com/help/Hardware-Network/connect-network/server-connectivity-xbox-app-displays-blocked This one is for Xbox 1 specifically
  5. Heavy_Logic

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    I gotchu my dude.
  6. Heavy_Logic


    I have only seen Binoculars briefly mentioned in other posts, Also once on Reddit However, I have not found a topic specifically for Binoculars, so I'm making one now. I believe binoculars would Improve the game-play experience of Astroneer. There are plenty of overlooks, mountains, valleys, and ravines in Astroneer. Being able to use binoculars to observe these beautifully generated phenomenon would increase the enjoyment players get from the game. What's my evidence for this claim you ask? Well...this photo should explain things. This is a Tower optical. I'm sure at some point in your childhood you have used one of these be it, at a state park, mountain top, ect. Tower opticals serve the purpose of bringing more enjoyment to consumers. I believe if implemented into Astroneer they would accomplish a similar purpose. Thank you for reading my Topic.
  7. Heavy_Logic

    Solar Output Difference

    Perhaps you experienced a bug? I placed some Solar panels in creative on Sylva (The planet in question ). Everything seems to be fine. (Edit) I didn't think about this at first, but perhaps the orientation of the large array effects its output. The small solar moves around 360* but the large array only moves along a 180*.
  8. Heavy_Logic

    WIndows 10 edition astroneer keeps crashing

    Could this potentially be a Microsoft Store issue? Can you launch other MS (Microsoft Store) applications?
  9. Yeah, I have had this happen before. I'm not to sure what causes it. For me, it usually happens when using Power cells in some way. Everything works fine after saving to menu.