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  1. MajesticDeadman

    Little Space Man!

    He was... Until both packs of dynamite went off when I went to get the items.
  2. MajesticDeadman

    Well shock.. followed by an underscore of horror..

    I'd go with a Nvidia they are the best when it comes to performance and quality. Nvidia i have found runs the coolest even when maxed out. I have a 940MX in my laptop and it is fantastic, I wish I had went with a 1080 because it is worth the extra money. Just anything Nvidia is worth it.
  3. MajesticDeadman

    Little Space Man!

    So I found where 2 backpacks have spawned on top of each other and created this. Lol the "marble" in the background.
  4. MajesticDeadman

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    I don't know how I did it really but I had the same freeze problem (already posted info about it) but once I put the game into full screen, and lowered the view distance to about half, not having ANY tethers what so ever, and using the lowest resolution, I have exponentially decreased the likely hood of the game freezing. I have been able to go 5 hours with it only freezing once! Yes I have been using a rover and sprinting too, my fps even increased from around 25 to about 41!
  5. MajesticDeadman

    Power cube thing not working

    Another power related issue is that the smelter shown above is not receiving any power from an external platform. In other words a solar panel must be attached directly on it for it to charge.
  6. MajesticDeadman

    Power cube thing not working

    I found a bug to where if you have a power cube from a previous save, and then a force quit from the freezing issue, it does not want to power anything base or backpack. Steam Beta version. I am running an ASUS Q524UQ, Windows 10 x64, with Intel i7-6500U, Nvidia Geforce 940mx, with 12GB ram. To recreate this have a power block attached to the base and save game. Then my game had froze not long after the save causing me to force quit the game. Then load game and I had used the smelter when I noticed that it wasn't powering it. Also my back pack solar panels had disappeared one on back pack one on the base. UPDATE: after looking at my screen shots I must have had 2 power blocks but neither power anything.
  7. MajesticDeadman

    The game needs a private/friends only mode ASAP

    And I know that now by law the streamer/youtuber is supposed to clearly mention that it is a early access game.
  8. MajesticDeadman

    The game needs a private/friends only mode ASAP

    You would be surprised how fast people change opinions based on someone who they idolize's opinion changes... Its just what this world has come to sadly.
  9. MajesticDeadman

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    I too am having this problem it will randomly freeze. Most of the time it is while digging. Also it freezes on me randomly when I am jumping or running. But after some experimenting I have see improvements if I turn down the view distance to about 1/4 of the bar, if I don't run as much, and I stay stationary when I am digging. I am running an ASUS Q524UQ, Windows 10 64x, with Intel i7-6500U, Nvidia Geforce 940mx, with 12GB ram, Steam version and I think the experimental beta. ALSO: I have ran the game with task manager open to see the impact if the freeze. When it is running normally it uses around 28.6% of my CPU but when it freezes it used about 2% (not a computer wiz so I don't know if this means anything at all)