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  1. Sensores: which attached to any active tools (chem. lab, centrifuge, robo-arm) and send signal when tool has chaned its status. 2 types of signal: A) On-Off (when we activate tool and desctivate buy hand or signal) B) Current activity: 1) Arm 2 signals: loaded-unloaded-loaded-unloaded... 2) Trade platform, chem.lab, any printer and centrifuge 4 signals: ready/unloaded-loaded-working-done-ready/unloaded-loaded-working-done... 3) Smelting and reseach: empty-loaded (we don't need working tue to ON-OFF sencore) 4) Any shredder, gas condenser: empty/unloaded-working-loaded/ready With already exist signals and new AND/OR gate ( ) we will be able to build (satis)factory in our favorite game). P.S. And only one obstacle: how to move soil from vehicle to platform? Right now only one way: store soil in canisters and unload vehcile into them... It's really sad...
  2. I can give mach-proof that my design if correct and full. I mean: full - any logic could be builed from this 2 items... Even Rizen CPU )
  3. I didn't undersand: why is it matter? Could you explain the scenario. Thank you.
  4. Canister just can supply items to some active tools (like smelter or centrifuge or chemistry lab), provide a single resource on the output, but does not push the resource away from the container to any other STORAGE.
  5. Yes. It's not a problem. But I've made mistake in logic. It should be: AND: When some input change its state (to "Active" or not) we will check all inputs and if all of them "Active" we send output signal. OR: When some input change its state and all other inputs NOT ACTIVE we send output signal. In this case each signal just change the state of any other receivers and they will REMEMBER that state. And one single burst it enough.
  6. 0) Use "C"/"V" to change color of signal wire for future complex logic system 0.1) increase (double?) distance for wire if possible... 1) How about And/Or gate? a) it's looks like a sensore with pin and the same interface except "F". "F" opens config panel (see image) b) we can connect up to 4 (6/8?) input signals from other sensors or gates. c) each input has 2 states: "Active" (green?) and "No Active" (red?) d) gate switches input's states when receive signal from this input and remember that state. e) Logic: AND: When some input state become "Active" we will check all inputs and if all of them "Active" we send output signal. OR: When some input state become "Active" we send output signal. f) Clicking on inputs changes the current state of these inputs: "Active/No Active" to adjust the logic schema. No output signal will be sent during these changes. g) Click on output will send output signal for adjustment of logic schema and debug purposes. 2) Change size if pickup and drop off area of arm ("C" for one area, "V" for second). Now it's fixed. It would be perfect to adjust it for tasks like: small area (radius is 1.5 times smaller of current), medium (current size), big (radius 1.5 times bigger then now). 3) Sensore of storages in some areas (like pick up area for arm with size adjustment). So we can just come on the vehicle and the system activates and unloads the vehicle. Then when storage became empty the system switched off (exactly like storage sensore but area).
  7. And in this mode it should load/accept resources as in "pull" mode. it's really helpfull for automation.
  8. Just in case: We had 1 seat in oxigen place And we had Large Storage Silo B with second extra seat.
  9. New information: we had a big rocket with 2 extra seats When we removed them we could relogin.
  10. Hi! We have a second problem. We was playing in cooperation. But after something we have just crashed all except main host. And when we was trying to reconnect we crashed immeddeatly after loading. I've attached crashes from my PC and second player. Thank you. crashes.zip sonya-crashes.zip