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  1. Haven't played the game in a while, so this error may be update related. But I verified game files through Steam and everything seems to be alright.
    When I try to play co-op I keep getting a weird error I've never encountered before. First, when I'm in the menu no friends show up in the co-op list, and no friends show up in game. When I try to join a friend's game through the Steam overlay nothing happens. When I try and accept an invite from the menu an error message pops up saying "This invitation is for a different game than the one you're currently playing. Please close the current game, and accept the invitation from your desktop." When I try and accept the invite from desktop, nothing happens and I go to the normal menu. My friend and I both have the same update version and everything. Also, one time when I tried to open the game an an Error message 6608 popped up, but I couldn't find reference of it online. Anyone know a way I can get co-op to work again?