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    Wind turbine does not work in a storm

    never saw it spinning when attached to a node but ı saw it spin crazy in storm when ı a changing places constantly or hen there is no wind and ı move it highest point that ı can like in the second picture. this is a poblem.and wind turbines. we need them. ok ı have about 20 litium ut ı cant keep building batteries. probably an error with wind pyhsics?
  2. OyuncuDedeler

    Wind turbine does not work in a storm

    I had the same issue and ı thinked that the little wind th,ng,es doenst move when they are attached to something. ı unplugged wind turbine and it started spinning dur,ng storm. maybe windows turbines work in a different way. in the first picture. it inst movi,ng but when ı hold and move it to a high place like in the second picutre it starts to spin. maybe. it is used with shuttle base on a base with higher altutide. İDK. they must explain it.