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  1. It will be cool if you have to launch gps satelites before gps will start to work.
  2. The sky is pretty empty behind the equator. It's a lot better to look at up than messing with a mouse.. It can be very usefull at the beginning when u didn't explored nav system. And even beside of that, it's alot faster look around than messing with nav system.(To know on which the pole u are) This game is about space but somewhy it has horrible skybox and triangle stars, horrible direct interplanet trips via planets, it's not even a fly, it's just a translation.. FACEPALM TMarcher74 ty
  3. As topic says we need constellations. Not much but like one in the north pole and one in the south pole for navigation purposes + some realistic. Example: ursa minor(polaris) in the north pole and crux in the south pole or any other constellations which easy to remember and navigate by stars in those.. P.S. Not english native