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  1. Uys88

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    PLAYERS: add more buildings!! DEVS: Makes it harder to build the basic buildings YEAH THAT NEW STUDIO WAS SO WORTH IT hooohoooo
  2. Uys88


    yeah i wish i could refund this game as well the game looked good but super boring 10 hours in if it wasn't for the constant crashing in the beginning my refund would be thru now sad how this type of game is bleaching EA titles to be all money grabs x( some EA titles is really worth it but this is not
  3. Uys88

    Money Grab??????

    do you even play games ? with all your posting just on astroneer, fanboy alert. I have about 2000 hours between 6 EA titles, out of reach being the least played but i know that devs didn't get a boat load of money on their title but i support them due to sheer will to drive the game thru hunger to succeed, astroneer spent money on offices instead of fixing the shitty online experience. We made some mayor bucks now get some RNR! /s The game is unique and fresh so was dayZ, astroneer seems to to going the same way imho but by all means fanboy UP
  4. Uys88

    Money Grab??????

    So not to point fingers or anything but where the updates Devs???? You got nice big office and all but no updates. this game is already stale 12 hours in for me,where's all that nice content and bugs fixes you have a stream to talk about? online playing sucks runs just as bad as ark normally i would think this is because of unreal engine until i saw conan exiles this is the first EA title i regret buying so far but hey, you got new offices glad we bought you that
  5. Please please yes debugging is normal Please make an 5min AUTO SAFE or we going to get burn out on this game quickly lost s very good starts a few times today only on crashes