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  1. That... literally has nothing to do with the original topic, a topic that has since been solved and has no need of resurrecting 7 months later. My issue was that a tractor on the surface was invisible to the majority of connected clients. It got stuck very slightly underground, and when we dug it up it teleported her to the gateway engine. The tractor then turned invisible for everyone, and we found it many play sessions later still at the gateway engine. I was disappointed that she discovered the gateway engine this way rather than the way she was meant to, and still am, but that's the way it goes. /thread, someone please lock this.
  2. Update: Also, it seems to happen when using rovers as well. Any kind of terrain deformation by clients is causing a crash.
  3. As the host I've not experienced this issue, but ever since update 1.10.9 my friends are crashing while digging. When they get back in the game all their terrain tool mods are gone. It's happened twice or more now to each of them. I don't have any logs to share unfortunately because it's not my machine. It's only taken a minute or less of digging each time for it to occur. For one of them they are crashing while digging (last time it only took about 2 canisters of dirt w/o mods before they crashed), and for another they filled up six and they crashed while walking back.
  4. Turns out the tractor was in the middle of the Gateway Engine after all. It was invisible at the time, but when we got down there naturally it was waiting for us... LOL
  5. Can't seem to edit my post beyond a certain time. Lame. Anyway, we found some of the items below our base, which would seem to suggest the tractor got deleted. Perhaps it happened when we reloaded the save, or perhaps it happened when we used the starting landing pad to repackage the starting items (as the starting medium printer was on the ghost tractor and we wanted it back). Haven't found everything.
  6. So I'm having a LAN party at my place and I start a new game. I've played before so early on I encourage everyone to make a couple tractors and set up shop at the first gateway chamber I find on the surface. My Wife's tractor disappears for everyone except her. She can take items off of it that then become visible to other players. Weird, but we drive it to the gateway chamber. She gets stuck right outside our new base when one of the trailers appears to fall underground. My wife gets off to attempt to dig out the apparently stuck trailer, and as soon as she does she gets teleported to the gateway engine. This is hillarious, admittedly, but it's also very disappointing because I was hoping to see them both discover this secret organically rather than be teleported to it. In any case. Is there anything I can do to find the tractor which has now mysteriously vanished? They are easily replaceable, but it was fully loaded with stuff (also replaceable), and I'd like it back. Thanks. Edit: Also, the tractor can be heard at the location it was before she got teleported. The tractor didn't appear to be teleported to the Gateway Engine with her. It either went somewhere else or got deleted.