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  1. Don't see an edit button, just saw the sample report. Version is Will follow the right format next time
  2. I noticed occassional lag/stutter during coop in the past that I couldn't explain until today. I started digging a tunnel near my base, about 40 degree slope while holding CTRL and using the Wide mod to get a nice wide straight path downwards. My coop partner and I have been using it a lot today to get to lower levels for resources. I am hosting and what I do doesn't matter, but whenever she is sliding down the tunnel, we both start lagging/stuttering. On my screen I see her rubberbanding around me, always sliding past me, then teleporting back up and sliding again. Even when I am nowhere near the tunnel, the moment she slides anywhere in the world, we both get stutter. I can reproduce this 100% of the time. We are playing from the same room and our normal normal connection is perfect. We have 150 mbps upload/download internet. Platform: Steam, Windows 10 Controls: Keyboard+Mouse Graphics card: GTX 1070 (PC, host), GTX 1050 (laptop, coop partner)