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  1. Sorry for my English .I am using google translator now. Hello everyone, I have a couple of interesting ideas for you. First, I would like to add more complexity. It’s not necessary to basically cut the game, you can in another.I would like to see radiation, corrosive gases and much more.These things could be found in different zones with increased complexity, they may have rarer resources, etc. For example, going into such a zone you would start to lose lives, but to control this, you need to use special devices. This could beat the environment scanners , a geiger counter and special devices to protect the suit from gases. And where did you remove the sandstorms? They were cool, they added a feature, but now they are not (At the moment, in your game, a player can be killed only by his dullness or carelessness, and at least there will be at least some feeling that you are in a terrible space. The second idea is an exosuit.Imagine how cool it is to walk through a cave with a large built-in tank of soil, with an oxygen tank, with a battery and a slightly larger inventory. This would add a little more opportunities for cave mining, mobility and survivability. Well, the third is more ruins with which you could interact and would like to add the function of restoring objects. Also, I would like to add a metal detector to find them underground.Areas of increased complexity, exoskeleton (exosuit), more ruins and interaction with them.