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  1. I went into a creative copied world and it seems like a version of the duplicated gateways things, except they're so cramped into eachother that you can only see the outline of the duplicated gateway. There is no way to acces the energy cable on some of them.
  2. Tried to teleport to the 2nd today and wasn't able to get back to the one I came from, I died and had to respawn. Total losses: 2 Diamonds, 6 Packagers, 1 Portable Oxygenerator, 1 Drill Strength 3 and 2 Small Batteries... I've also lost all that was on the rover and the spaceship because I can't go back. Is there someway for me to get over there?
  3. So I flew off to tundra to try and get the tundra outfit. All ready to go. I experienced some small bugs along the way such as medium batteries havng their yellow bar outside of the actual battery itself but nothing mayor until I noticed the gateways I had activated 6-7 weren't activated. Only 2 gateways ever showed up, always the origin point gateway (the one I was at) and the one I had activated before that (I think).