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  1. Maybe a compass at the top of the screen with dots pointing home, so at least you know which way to head.
  2. I did take it off and put it back on and also moved to a difffernt spot on the rover
  3. Please can you make the button you click to do research a bit more forgiving, I often click it fairly quickly a few times and what happens is it opens the button flap, then starts research and then also cancels it. please add a good delay in clicking start and being able to click cancel. i lost so many research items due to me miss clicking. I know it’s my fault, but a delay would be nice :)
  4. gate started booting fine, the battery on the rover itself started going down. Once the battery on the rover was empty then the gate started going back to its starting poisison as only the rtg was powering it (4 units). at no time did the medium battery on the rover use up any of its power. I'm not on their discord, so feel free to let them know please.
  5. but the medium battery I placed the rover should be providing the extra power when the rover runs out.
  6. I have a large rover which I plugged into a gateway on Sylva. I had a RTG and a full medium battery on the rover. The gatway starts to unlock (pink bars going down), and I can see the battery on the rover depleting. The issue is the medium battery never gets used so the gatway won't unlock, it stays fully charged the whole time. Why does the medium battery not get delepeleted and unlock the gateway? im on Update 1.9.8