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    Astroneer not responding when load save

    I believe your save file may be corrupted, apparently it can happen when an update comes out, it's happened to me, it's annoying but I recommend trying a new save game to be sure.
  2. Razorlance

    Rabid power spending - bug

    Yeah, exact same problem here, I just started a new game because my previous save is broken. It seems like it happened to me when I picked up a battery from a broken platform, a few minutes after driving in a tractor the same thing happened, the battery goes nuts, and when I'm not tethered all power drains from my backpack, whether I've still got the battery equipped or not. If re-connect to my base shelter power is fine and I can walk around, but as soon as I get power/air from the tractor it drains again, even if I move away. It could be a weird combo bug with the battery equipped and riding in the tractor as the same time?
  3. Razorlance

    Game will not load

    I've got the same problem now as well, I had played the game a few times after the patch without a problem, but now it tries to load the game then eventually crashes. My save was from about the lunar update last year which I've been playing on and off since and had unlocked 4 of the planets and all the tech. The problem seems to be a memory leak, I started a new game and played for around an hour and monitored the memory usage during that time. A new game seems to ramp up to around 2gb memory usage then slowly drops to around 1gb. When I try my old save it very quickly ramps up to around 4.8gb at which point it runs out of memory ( I have 8gb ) then task manager reports that Astro is not responding, the memory usage drops again to around 2gb, then ramps up again to 4.8gb then the game crashes. I'm not sure how useful this is, but I'm guessing my save is lost.