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  1. Invite link: Devs and site staff are all more active there than here.
  2. This us a known bug. I heard that it happens more frequently on older worlds.
  3. Well, organics is already trash-tier in means of cost, you can literally get it from dirt. Even at the very start of the game you can harvest tons of it with zero effort by just vacuuming the surrounding fields, so duplication is not a thing to worry about.
  4. RTG and battery give the max of 7 bars per second, gate requires 5. This should be doing the job. Did gateway even start booting? Did you see the pillars sinking into the floor? If it doesn't work at all, then it's a bug which I do not know of and worth pointing devs' attention at (best done at their Discord afaik).
  5. You need to keep it powered for 30 seconds, after that it should unlock. Power output of your rover must be enough for sylvan gates.
  6. A Discord server can, with some work, be adapted for slower and more thorough discussions, there are tools for that. It is still less effective than a forum, but since forum's dead, what can one do? If death is officially confirmed, suggestion and bugreport sections can be moved to separate discord channels with a set of specific rules and a long cooldown, and then the corpse can be buried.
  7. This would definitely be a good thing to have, I have over a hundred hours and still get lost from time to time. Far trips may be frustrating because of poor nav tools available.
  8. A set of smol and smol-medium ideas that keep coming into my mind when I play. Oxygen filters and power cells should be used after all oxygen tanks / batteries are used up, so there is at least some reason to carry them around when you have access to better variants (e.g. as an emergency power source in case you fall into a deep pit and run out while building ramps to get back). Additionally, oxygen filters should only trigger when all o2 tanks are depleted and backpack's built-in tank is down to 30%. Most likely already known but still: Medium storage silos require model rework. R
  9. I had saves being broken by updates several times. Not sure if there is any way of recovering a crapped one.
  10. PROBLEM: almost any terrain affected by player actions looks ugly and bland, contrasting too much with the surrounding landscape. The longer you stay at the base, the uglier its surroundings get. This is by most part caused by one simple thing: there is no plant left. Vegetation is a significant part of each planet's unique look, and when you remove it, the feel of the planet is removed as well. This may be a purely personal thing, but I don't like destroying things, especially those which are pretty. I am sure some players would understand this. That said, I am suggesting a SOLUTION
  11. Just realized I attached a wrong vid, even though this one is on the same bug. Will send the right one soon.
  12. Started a new save and stumbled upon a weird bug: one particular medium storage unit breaks energy distribution when connected to base. Previously this storage was holding three batteries, no other storages acted the same way. Re-entering the save fixed the problem. Steam, M/KB (controller connected though), in case it is relevant.