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  1. I thought I had responded to this, I see that I forgot, I want to thank you since your answer put me on the right track! Now I don't get lost, and I rectify what I said about the broken compass A thousand apologies If someone from the support staff tells me that there is a tool to locate these things; Probe I don't know how much! hahaha I forgot the name, damn it!
  2. What you say makes sense, but it is the most logical to think that the planet is willing, as ours would be, because then someone tells me where one of the poles is located. This video can prove that, or that the compass is wrong: This could be the pole, but I still think it makes no sense to put it on the front of the planet!
  3. I always get lost on the planets, and I find it very confusing to navigate using the compass ... it's not just confusion (The Compass is broken) I've checked it right now, since I've been looking for a damn tractor for quite some time. What has been my test to see that the compass does not work well? I have reached a "Node" (Node - Surface elevation 4, Planet: Sylva) I have placed a few steps from its center, now I show the compass, what happens is that by moving between the cardinal points, the witch points north, in all of them. I would understand that the compass would turn around, at the poles, but mark the north in all directions. (The first thing would be to fix that!) --------------------------------------------------------------- My suggestions to navigate efficiently: 1º: Reappear the lights of the active nodes, since these are turned off when activating the node. (Goodbye to a reference point) 2º: It would be good to make a sonar, to detect the directions of the beacons. 3º: Making beacons emit a beam of light 4º: Lengthen the height of the "beacons" and make them visible through the clouds. (Since the latter are solid, and do not let see through them) 5º: Make a hologram of the planet, but without mapping, or elevations, a simple planet, that indicates the position in which we are currently, and possibly mark the nodes we have found, or objects such as: - Beacons - Rocket - Vehicles - Home? They are all non-intrusive examples, since I like to look for things myself, I do not need a detailed map, but I need to orient myself well (at least) Greetings to all those lost Astronauts.