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    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    PS: c] wierd sound bug no matter when playing solo/multi it just makes horrible cracling sound like those old PCsoundcards back in 90s when your computing power wasnt enough then sound started to crackle, should be heard in the video i attached. I always had to restart game( twice) to fix that audio bug
  2. Milos Brejcha

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    Hello, Here is my review to this patch and game overall. I'm playing on XBOX now. I stopped playing because playing on XBOX before bcs it was really, really bad. My galaxy save has only 11Mb and IMHO it's nothing big, but still game run really bad compared to PC version and even worse in multiplayer. Summer 2019 we played with my brother, him on XBOX , me on PC(i refused to play that sloMO version of this game on XBOX) but there were so many bugs, mostly with his vehicles droping to the ground when doing some changes to nearby terrain, but most of all annoying bugs were that when i cleared something on PC, my brother on XBOX saw and encountered those small triangle pieces of soil , which he couldnt clear or do nothing about them... Soo 2020 January , big update we gave it a try Ok so i moved back to XBOX as well so we are two XBOX players and dont experience that nasty "soil remains" bug. And first thing i noticed how much interlacing you added into the game which looks much worse on graphical side but well game at least move much faster, i 'm happy Solo gameplay seems much smoother now so i was wondering when second player joins... and it's pretty much the same, i don't know why but my brother is much faster when running them me (we both own same version of XBOX one), im the one hosting the game and fe. when we carried a research item from the underground to the base he always run of like he is twice as fast Also my framerate is something like 10-20FPS and game feels very slow in some situation, i though it was me streaming on Mixer via XBOX so i shut it down, still didnt help. Sometimes (i guess when he gets farer from me) it will speed up a bit , but still doest feels smooth enough. Then there are other BUGS: a] Randoms DC's and Crashes> very, very annoying. Like yesterday during two hour session, second player DCed twice and this happens in solo game as well, when my brother stoped playing and i was left alone, doing something, game crashed straight to the XBOX menu as well Loosing my backpack and vehicle very deep , had to run down there after restarting the game, where i found my 'corpse' b] another bug, me driving mining vehicle him sitting in crane and ready to dig and mine everything around us on our way down, he got wierd bugs like white screen and no sound , but i still saw him in game spinning etc.. he had to quit Not sure what else now ,but yea game still has its flaws especially on XBOX, havent played on PC this time, but i recall that summer 2019 was much pleasent game experience on PC then XBOX. I have a same feeling now. I guess i will have to wait half a year or so for another patch to try out. What a shame tho this game is exactlly my cup of tea and i would love to play it more on XBOX with my friends. Maybe i can try ti make a new savegame and strat from a scratch m but i dont think that will my isuess with low framerate. You can check it on mixer , not sure how long it last there, much better tho then describing it through words here