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  1. Well, at first I thought that alien printer can be built from 2 small printed parts (but then I got a bit lazy and did't write the printing mechanics). So does the most of "alien" items. They are made one part after another, so you can make them out and carry every part in single slot. Portable RTG is an alien item so it is built in alien printer as well.
  2. Well, you need 4 times more resourses (expensive resourses) to produce the same amount of energy as RTG. Of course, silo, full of PRTG is more energy producing than RTG and it is expencive as hell. PRTG is some compact and constant source of energy, that can be very useful, if you have portable oxygenator, buggy ETC.
  3. Portable RTG is quite OP because of portable oxygenator, because it doesn't requre fuel of weather conditions to charge it. Also you can put portable RTG on your buggy that cannot hold a regular RTG.
  4. Astronium is the resourse without any good usage. It is mined near the centre of the planet so it can be used for advanced technologies in lategame. ASTRONIUM USAGE: - Astronium is used to build Alien techologies, which open, then you activate the centre of different planets. - Alien technologies can be built on Alien printer. You can Make Alien printer on Gateway portal satellite, using packed Big printer and Astronium. - All things that are connected to Alien technologies are getting appropriate color. THE LIST OF TECHNOLOGIES AND PLANETS: SYLVA - PORTABLE GATEWAY PORTAL (Inventory Item that can teleport you to the closest activated Gateway portal', requires Astronium for 1 usage) DESOLO - PORTABLE RTG (Inventroy item made from Nanocarbon alloy and Astronium, provides 1 energy per second) CALIDOR - SMALL GATEWAY PORTAL (Requires a lot of Astronium, packed in an Odd stone. Place an Odd stone to the ground and activate it to build a Small gateway portal, now it shown on Gateway portal map and you can teleport between it) VESANIA - ALIEN SHUTTLE (Small shuttle with big storage that is packed into it, requires a 3 thrusters to fly. Alien shuttle can land on Gateway portal) NOVUS - ELECTROMAGNETIC THRUSTER/JET PACK (Thruster/jet pack that requires no fuel to fly, has a very expensive recipe, including RTG, Hydrazine thruster/jet pack and a lot of Astronium) GLACIO - ALIEN HOVERPLANE (small aircraft with small storage and little fly height, has a Terrain tool attached to it, requires power source, oxygenator and multiple use thrusters to operate) ATROX - PERSONAL SEQURITY OUTFIT (PSO) (Small robot costume with Terrain tool and claw, that can help with carrying massive things, Has a bunch of slots for Portable RTG and 2 active slots for illumination items or Jet pack, requires Portable oxygenator (and 2 Portable RTG to provide energy) for comfortable use. Requires all types of Geometric triptychs and astronium to craft) GATEWAY PORTAL SATELLITE (after activating all planets) - STAR SYSTEM CHAIN (Big portal that let you connect your Star system to the Star system of your friend if he had built Star system chain as well) P.S - This is not the list of things that should be immediately added to the game. This topic has a bunch of ideas that can be developed by community. Thank you!
  5. There is one uncomfortable moment, that the paver and the drill are activating at the same time. It would be more useful If car drill or pawer can be turned on apart from each other like on the astroneer itself (C and V)
  6. looks like factorio would be better if rail is powered so the train can move on it.