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  1. Ok, I see your point but I think this is no more an inventory as your backpack... if done right... the number may not have been the best idea but maybe they just shrink down to a similar size as on your backpack and get stored in a silo-like fashion. I don't agree that I think that properly putting those 1 into a separate storage unit and 2 visualizing it the right way would still work... just because I grab the items in a different spot does not make them less tangible.... maybe this is just a really tall storage silo that can only hold one type and there is a slot that always has 1
  2. So currently let's say you are mining with a crane for resources and have a large silo and a medium silo on that the rovers items will fill up first then the open spots on the large than a medium silo. can you guys make it so that the item that you have highly prioritizes going to the slot that is its size, not anything bigger? this would be so helpful also with chemistry labs, furnaces and packing for a space mission. ik the system is now optimized for speed but a little check so that it asks if there are any spaces that match the items size before throwing itself onto the storage. idk if thi
  3. Thanks for the response! Interesting I am assuming SES is a developer? I am thinking like fairly big like you could see the full size item and a large number above it, you just shift-click or drag it out. no GUI, no inventory, it's just when you take it out instantly a new one appears. I totally get this not being parallel to the direction the devs want the game to go but I think it could be, if done right... +1 for the notice! and +1 for the rapid response!
  4. yeah, be very careful with it tho, more then a couple per planet is too much its a crazy cool feeling like the only one on an entire planet. None should be on beginner planet. Have it a shock on different planets finding different creatures.
  5. Yes! Like a low orbit jet. A quick way to move around a planet or even just a hovercraft!
  6. Late games can get very cluttered and storage is a very big problem so I thought I would suggest this: storage unite that holds items at a capacity similar to the backpack but they can only hold one type of item. So if someone just has tons of Astronium or something like that you could put it in there holding (IDK what would be balanced) let's say 30. It's in a small little space but right there if needed not spilling out needing several medium storage silos to fill. I imagine it being printed by the small printer or maybe a version that can hold 4 different types by the medium printer, it co