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  1. I was going back and forth between desolo and Sylva on my friends universe and the game randomly decides to hard crash while Im in orbit over Sylva. When I log back into the game and rejoin him, my character and all his items are gone and I am put in the character creation screen. I still have my unlocks, etc. but whatever items I had, or shuttle that I had are gone and I have to build them all over again. I'm not upset by the loss of the items because I hardly ever join my friends world anyway, but this seems like it could make somebody upset so I want this bug fixed asap. whatever it is.
  2. disclaimer: this may or may not have been suggested already. I think it would be neat if the small storage on large rovers could be optimized or given some sort of setting in the game to change how they behave. Soil canisters get a little glitchy when trying to move them around on the rover. They refuse to go in slots sometimes, but snap to other ones instantly. I think the rover main slots take too much priority when theres nothing in them, so the game tries to be helpful by snapping your soil canister directly to the rover instead of the medium storages that I placed on these large storages. Hopefully this won't get locked, but I'm not going to be paying any attention to this thread after the first 24 hours or so. Thanks for reading!