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    Cannot connect to host

    Work for 1 time, but not multiple times. Anyone know what the cause could be/ how to fix it?
  2. JonasTMT

    Cannot connect to host

    We both have the same version, and play through steam. Rebooting did not work sadly. I saw a simular issue on the discord, with this solution: I suppose it could be playerconfig data? Try putting everything on your backpack onto storage, save the game, close it, and rename this file: %localappdata%\Astro\Saved\SaveGames\PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg We will try this and I will keep you updated!
  3. Hello all, Everytime I want to play with my friend on his savegame I get a message "cannot connect to host". I use to use steam to join his game and it sometimes works, but not always. Today I tried steam, and it worked, but I got kicked out after 5 minutes, and I cannot connect. Everytime I connect my friend sees me for around 10 seconds and then I dissapear. I can also hear the research things when I try to connect for a brief moment, and then get the error. I live very close to him, and his pc and internet speed is better, while my pc and internet should be average (good enough for the game). Can anyone help us, so we can play toghether? Thank you in advance!