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  1. I just went through the same struggle. Drive around the planets for two days trying to find the last gate. I eventually used my og space ship to land closest to it, dropped a beacon and drew a directional indicator with the terrain tool.
  2. LowJacK604

    Ultrawide support...

    I have an ultrawide and run the game at 3440x1440 resolution. I haven't had any issues or needed to configure the game for my monitor. It all works perfectly.
  3. LowJacK604

    Locating Alien Cube on Silva

    Sorry, one more question. Can I modify my terrain tool or am I supposed to drive a tractor and drill down there? Thanks again.
  4. LowJacK604

    Locating Alien Cube on Silva

    Ok. Keep going down. Thank you Rebelord.
  5. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm looking for the alien cube near the core of Silva. I've drilled down something like 8 layers. I've drilled down a level below the one with towering mushrooms and fairy dust. I've drilled to a point where my drill won't penetrate the rock anymore. Where am I supposed to go? Thanks.
  6. LowJacK604

    Purple structure spawn question

    Bloody hell. The majority of mine are floating too but I just assumed that was the way it was supposed to be.
  7. LowJacK604

    Can't build Medium Storage

    Unbelievable! I never bothered with the small portable printer before. The alpha version I played didn't have that. Thank you.
  8. LowJacK604

    Can't build Medium Storage

    Hi all, I can't build medium storage. I ran into the same issue with the Beta and don't know how to get around it. I have the default starting printer, which is medium. I have medium storage unlocked even though I didn't have to spend research credits to unlock it. What am I missing? Thanks in advance. -C
  9. Have some faith. Given the steady progress and improvements made to Astroneer I'm confident that the dev's team will continue the production in a positive direction and address the OP (and all of our) concerns. In the event that they do not, and even if they stopped production all together, I'd still be satisfied with what they've delivered to date. I've played Astroneer for hundreds of hours and easily got my money's worth!
  10. I did this by accident back in December when I started playing. Eventually it just disappeared with everything on it. Possibly patched but thought you should be aware.
  11. LowJacK604

    No to hunger

    I agree with you Kelvin.
  12. LowJacK604

    Perfect starting base

    I thought the same thing and made the same mistake as you did on my first base. Power doesn't flow past the Hab. Maybe this will be fixed in the future but that's the way it currently works. Your base is missing the Fuel Condenser. If you attach it to your Hab you'll have the same issue as I do.
  13. LowJacK604

    Perfect starting base

    I had wondered about the wind in the game. Curious to know if it can be channeled? I have doubts though considering the debate on water being added. Collision physics for wind would be similar IMO. Yes the hole for the trade platform is aesthetic. Didn't like it passing through the rock roof.
  14. LowJacK604

    Perfect starting base

    Nice base but not perfect. Your smelter is only receiving power from the Solar panels on your hab. Here is my favorite base. (pic1) Located on Tundra, this base is carved into a mountain to protect from the elements. The only visible elements are the power supplies and spacecraft. (pic2) A passageway leads from the spaceship to the base. (pic3) reverse of pic 2. Passageway on screen right. Hole in ceiling for Trade Station. Pretty cool watching it come and go. (pic4) shows more modules spiraling down to a lower level and the garage. Base has a reasonable small footprint. (pic5) reverse of garage with exit on screen right. Save game file attached if interested. AUTOSAVE_0_2017.01.08-19.11.32.sav
  15. LowJacK604

    King Of The Road

    NICE WhosTog!!!!!!!!!! AHAHHAHAHAH!