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    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    What about a new save?
  2. I love this game. I play it quite a bit, probably more than I should. After 210 hours of actual game play I have 2 requests: 1. A way to navigate Full disclosure, I am directionally inept, badly. Like, after living in my apt for 2 years, I got lost for more than 2 hours and i found out that I was mostly driving around in circles about 2 blocks from the apartment. No joke but it is funny now. What I am requesting is a device / machine that just sends out a ping of some kind that requires consent power and all it does it put a blinking colored ping that shows you which direction it is, something like this: 2. Dedicated Servers I know you are already working on this. It is, however, it's on my list.