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  1. I came up with a classic mode idea where there is an option in the game menu where you can play the older style of Astroneer. This includes: No hostile plants Old caves Old planets Old main menu style This would be a really good idea as I really liked the older builds of Astroneer like the pre alpha builds as a kid but never got to play them. This would also be a great feature to those who prefer the old style too.
  2. I know this is a very small thing but I think a pancake hat would look pretty cool for characters maybe hats on holidays like Easter?
  3. Yep it's true, Astroneer has officially passed a 1 year stage! You can now unlock the party hat
  4. Floating around in Astroneer I think would make the game feel more space-like. I know it already does but this would be a really cool addition to the game. I saw a discussion on space stations in Astroneer. You know on those NASA videos where you see those people floating around? Maybe we could have that in stations like they do in ISS
  5. Haha yes I would love seeing my Astroneer float around in the stations. Or maybe we could go in the stations for like a place to save or just a free float around.
  6. I don't know, I think that creatures might be a good idea but an absolute overload of them might either make the game harder or kind of ruin the game if this is enemies we are talking about.
  7. I know I write in bold slanted alot, it's just for effect XD Anyway, word about the brightness option being removed I think was just before 1.0. When you customise your avatar in the little pod thing on the menu, the brightness there is quite fitting for the game and you can see parts of your avatar more e.g. The frosty mask. It's not just for that reason though, as the brightness in the pod thing is a bit more like you can see more in the game.
  8. Maybe after you unlock all the planets you get the custom pallete thing
  9. This is one of my ideas for Astroneer: Custom palettes. Now I think this would be a very good idea for customisation, expanding the vast library of customisation for astroneer. Maybe also being able to make custom visors by drawing on them, changing colours and also toggling reflection.
  10. I know alot of people missed storms in Astroneer. I've only got Astroneer this Christmas but I liked how in the storms you could just hide out underground. It had a great part of Astroneer. Please bring it back!
  11. I've very recently finally completed the astroneer holiday quest and suddenly it didn't load the final 2 items and I was set back by 250 points. I have already reported to System Era but do any of you know how to fix this???