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  1. UPDATE: Uninstalling and reinstalling the game fixed the issue. It was the one thing I had not tried before posting this bug. I did update the game, but it seems that was not enough, and a full re-install is what was needed.
  2. I've been playing this since Pre-Alpha (on my other xbox account), and I've never seen this particular bug before. I just installed this on my old Xbox One S and the Terrain tool button is not working. I cant open my Terrain tool with X. It tells me to, but when I tap X, nothing happens. Additionally, when I need to get into my Hab, it says "X to enter", instead of Y, like it does on my Xbox One X. But holding Either (X or Y) button will work to enter the Hab. So the only way to open my terrain tool is to: Open my backpack move the cursor over the terrain tool, then close