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    My ideas (Im sure there will be many)

    Lol Youre taking this way too seriously. Was just an idea. More for my modelling practice than anything else. Plus if they really wanted to use it I could just give it to them. Its honestly not as much work as you seem to think it is especially since I already did half of it. If anything, this is bigger which could be useful if larger planets are introduced.
  2. Hi Everyone. Talked to a couple of the devs and It was suggested that I post this here so more can see it and it doesnt get lost in discord. Seemed to have a decent reaction there (Lots of kermits? lol) So here's my first idea. I'm a 3D artist and I wanted to play around with ideas for this game as practice. Hard to pick up the correct scale but I made the dummy roughly 2m tall which is what I was told a astroneer is. *Roughly* Haha. I'll probably make more of these, and I didnt bother modeling out the connectors and panels too much because Im sure the devs kitbash the things together to save time. First Idea: Tunneling machine Make perfect tunnels to walk (or slide) down into the planet and possibly make it easier to see using other vehicles (Its a bit difficult when the roof is in the ceiling of your tunnel amiright?) Feel free to add feedback and suggestions and I can try to work on this and anything else as time goes by