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  1. Hello! This is my first post, signed up because I want to help this game any way I can! Recently got this game on Xbox GamePass and my GF and I literally played all weekend. We just landed on Glacio (god tier planet) and just working our way up to Steel. We are both late 30's and really love these types of games. She will gather forever! and I love crafting and base building. Questions: 1. Is low frame rate on Xbox a known issue? When I am playing my FPS drops the longer we play. I cannot even play on Novus for some reason. The frames are just shot. My GF doesn't bring up dropping frames like I do, but she does get the occasional lag spike, I don't get these. 2. Are there flat floors we have yet to unlock/research? I cannot tell you how much I hate when I flatten the terrain only to come back later and see my research chamber all slanted! Did the ground grow back?! 3. What are the patches like? Pretty frequent? I feel like we could use a real QoL/controls/options patch. The controls are sometime so frustrating sometimes. Probably wicked easy on KB + Mouse. 4. My co-op partner loses her tools every time she logs out, is there a fix for this? My only suggestion at this time is give me some merch to buy lol. I watched a video on YouTube last night about the beginning/company/members and it had this grown man in tears. At one point in my life I wanted to do what you guys do, create games. Sadly that dream is probably gone, but to see you get so emotional about the game really just hit me man. Also, RIP Paul. Cheers! Looking forward to leaving work and getting my Silo medium full of Titanite!