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  1. The splitter separate energy to two outputs. The grounder controls the intire current speed by being anchored to the soil. Like a fuse box between power source/storage to out put station. Input to control to Output.
  2. Buggy Wheels fall through the terrain geometry. Buggy also behaves if suspension is too loose. Maybe your suspension geometry could be the reason why the wheels fall through.
  3. I think this is cool but this could be a rendering challenge.
  4. I was thinking that ot was available after a certain point. Obtaining a certain amount of research and material to obtain such an upgrade. And I was also observing that silos attached to shuttles that are able to shrink down as the doors closed. I was also considering that same effect would do the same thing in a backpack. To where the items shrunk down as the folded doors closed
  5. Just a suit design that's all I'm also expecting trolls to say who look you didn't draw it right
  6. I've been finding crash sites like these pods and thinking what happened to the astroneer that left his bag behind. They also leave tools and research but I always thought why not put an ID tag on it to be sent with the Evo shuttle
  7. A. R. A. Astroneer research assistant. Just a type of flying drone that will follow waypoints created by other astroneer and collect research object. Basically Auto Harvest of research
  8. So instead of making a new platform a when you have to platform A's you can make a platform be from 2 platform A's
  9. Basically like like the engineering tables such as the printers the furnace centrifuge atmosphere compressor and science lab can be combined into an all-in-one craft lab
  10. Packaged equipment like the tractor and the Rover can be combined with a Engineers Table to make a better vehicle and equipment. He will be like the printers except they don't use raw material but only packaged equipment
  11. Applying micro fields to Footwear will allow the user to walk and resist the field of gravity their work is being completely attached to the material that the feet have contacted.
  12. Microsuspension fields are heavy intense fields that form round dark matter. Matter cannot pass through. Matter cannot move when inside it. Micro field propulsion can be possible with a generator of a cone fixation. Micro Fields do not take much energy to produce. With the right technology of course. From elevators to hovercraft micro suspension can provide. Micro field suspension produces less friction so that may engines last longer. Micro Fields can also suspend discharging electricity from chords known as ohms. Which increases flow put of electricity 10 fold. Micro field can also prevent falling to death when a generator is attached to their backpack. Micro suspension field can be used to combat and capturing Flora animals an interdimensional entities. My second suggestion in this thread is a space elevator not a mine elevator. Space elevators are technically large cannons that shoot astronaut into space. NPC plasmoid what appear as balls of energy that float down from the sky or technically a form of superconscious. Micro Fields can catch them and certain micro field generators can produce power off of them. They can last forever. More suggestions will be posted on this thread
  13. If tier 5 comes out please add telescope observatories for players to observe planets from afar and observe players from those planets. Players can send drone Rockets to other players homesteads in order to observe from afar. Observatories can be optional LaunchPad 4 asteroid raids we're normal Rockets can only travel from planet to planet The Observatory helps players find slow moving asteroids and planetary Dwarfs. These objects can be spontaneous therefore. Extending the resource for planets.