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  1. Any chance we see a patch this week?
  2. method

    GTX 1080 WITH 10FPS

    Is this with the latest patch? I'm getting 60fps with a fraction of your performance.
  3. method


    There is wind/drafts underground. Walk around with the small wind turbine and you'll find them.
  4. method

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): SteamLocation: USALanguage(s): EnglishMicrophone: Not right now.Looking for: 2-3 playersCan play from: 3:00 - 5:00 UTC (9:00pm to 12:00am EST)Can host: YesComment: Adult player, 40 or so hours in game, I can hookup my mic at some point if necessary. Contact me, bustarines55
  5. Build 123...winch bug. Winch is retracted but still shows extended.
  6. Build 123. Built a condenser. The line didn't connect from the platform node and thus it isn't getting power.
  7. I am having this as well. I have view distance on the furthest setting but flora seems to only be loading a few chunks around me. Framerate is up significantly but it's not great to look at.
  8. Bug: if top left slot is not empty or partial tether stack then shift-clicked tethers disappear instead of going back into inventory..
  9. Bug: had copper, created 1-slot generator. Backpack nearly empty. Exited out of backpack view while generator was building. Heard the noise that it was done. Go to backpack, copper is gone, no generator. Nothing on the ground.
  10. Planted spikers aren't appearing when loading a previous save.
  11. When TAB'ing out of the drivers seat on a truck on barren the truck launches several hundred meters into the sky. Does it every time today. Wasn't doing it yesterday.
  12. Yay! that worked, but then didn't work. I accidentally mounted it to the side platform. Now it's stuck there. Any ideas?
  13. Somehow a partial compound stack ended up in my backpack, no can't remove it from the backpack. Is this is a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Please help!
  14. method

    Trade Ship Disappearing

    I am having the same problem. If the ship has stuff mounted to it, game exited, return. Ship is there but I cannot interact with it or the platform!
  15. Stand near a building node, construct a new building, astroneer is now stuck in the building. I was able to repeat this problem.