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  1. Update: After waiting and restarting multiple times the Sylva skins still are locked, and the trophies for full collection are as well. I have unlocked Desolo and received both its trophy and skins. A suggestion given to me was that I was not online when I unlocked Sylva; however, I had made sure I was beforehand.
  2. The first bug found is with the achievements related to collecting/smelting/etc all possible resources, which does not give a trophy in the PS system. I have went out and made sure it was not a personal error by doing over everything I believed was collected/smelted/etc. The second bug is with the suits and color palettes related to activating the core of a planet, which does not unlock even after a restart. This is isolated to certain achievements because I received the suit for locating the Kepler Telescope. The third bug found is with the progress of the Project CHEER Request Platform, which deletes any progress after exiting the game and reloading. The second bug did give a PS trophy.