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  1. Update: After waiting and restarting multiple times the Sylva skins still are locked, and the trophies for full collection are as well. I have unlocked Desolo and received both its trophy and skins. A suggestion given to me was that I was not online when I unlocked Sylva; however, I had made sure I was beforehand.
  2. The first bug found is with the achievements related to collecting/smelting/etc all possible resources, which does not give a trophy in the PS system. I have went out and made sure it was not a personal error by doing over everything I believed was collected/smelted/etc. The second bug is with the suits and color palettes related to activating the core of a planet, which does not unlock even after a restart. This is isolated to certain achievements because I received the suit for locating the Kepler Telescope. The third bug found is with the progress of the Project CHEER Request Platform, whic