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  1. wish we could just fly the rocket and crash it, turning it into debris
  2. oh boi, i remember when i accidentally deleted a large research tech right off the bat, thing was like worth a few thousand bytes... wanted to kms and alt-f4.
  3. I think he's talking about the "load dynamite in satellite and blast your friends from space type of trolling" part of the post lol.
  4. What if you hold onto a storage pallet, while you have your backpack open and just Shift+click those items in your backpack to the pallet? The link of the character to the pallet is there and is constrained to it so that you can fast drop/transfer resources onto the pallet.
  5. Oh man it would help so much, imagine compacting/ compressing all those random organics that you keep picking up while digging through the planet. Turning them into a super compressed fuel blocks that could potentially lasts longer but provides the same amount of power to your generators.
  6. First time posting here, loving the game enough that I signed up to post and to discuss this. I think that if a mini map were to be implemented, it would be pretty sick, but should be implemented as a research-able module that attaches to your arm instead later down the line (doesn't waste backpack space). That way there would be an additional sense of game/ tech progression, where you start out using the primitive methods of path finding (line of beacons/ looking at stars/ compass), slowly upgrade towards better path finding methods aka cartography and then start pushing towards GPS technolog