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  1. It doesn’t let me travel to the center from the gateway chamber. So there is no way for me to get to the very center or the geometric triptych. Also if the core activates on its own I consider that a bug.
  2. Sorry it’s not an odd stone you get a geometric triptych
  3. Version, Xbox One So I went down to the Glacio core to get the odd stones, but when I finally got to the core the field was already on preventing me from going into the center. This is my first time going to the core and even if I did activate it earlier there would be no way out unless I used the odd stone to fully activate the core. The only way the field activates is if you use a diamond to turn it into an odd stone. You can’t even die in the center since it gives you oxygen. I tried glitching in so I could make my odd stones, but nothing worked. I was planning on using it to