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  1. also then the customs would be more special than the ones that need unlocked achievements to be obtained. Kiinda defeats the purpose? Unless you get custom after getting like all the achievements or like 80% or something idk
  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ lets just say that umm I was playing for FIVE HOURS and umm... my game crashed. and I never saved (got in house or vehicle or died)..... so ummmm i lost all of my progress. I might not play for a while now idek. THis is why the game needs an auto- save feature. It is prone to crashing, even on not horrible pc's. SO PLEASE DEVELOPERS ADD AN AUTO-SAVE FEATURE things i lost if anyone was curious probs like 10,000 bytes a large shuttle the big cylinder storage right before i was bouta make and unlock the small cylinder storage is
  3. OKay... so.. IM UPSET. I HAD A 2,500 BYTE WORTH RESEARCH ITEM!! and...... i accidentally clicked the research button THREE times instead of TWO times. this means i opened the button cover clicked the green button and then clicked it again ( the cancel button ) which DELETED my 2,500 bytes... O \ n / O it needs to not be that way... at all... ever im very salty rn
  4. I hope you find the video, thanks, and the on/off idea is good!
  5. Did it auto-start though? Maybe the auto-start could only be allowed on certain resources if you think it could be abused in that way.
  6. I don't think you are understanding. Yes, that I way to do it. That is already how I do it, but I don't want to do it this way. It would be extremely useful to just stack up a bunch of research items and not have do do anything about it for like 20 or however many game days.
  7. this gets replied to by the devs wtf
  8. I think it would be handy if a research chamber could start on its own when there is a researchable item on the same table. I often get a lot of astronium when I don't want to go running around looking for research items. I get about 10 astronium, but I have to start it every time. I would be useful if it could just go on its own without me worrying about. Sometimes I plant popcoral, but I also have to run around getting seeds for those, and the drop-rate of that is low. Sorry about not much info or details, was time rushed.
  9. Where was this suggested. Couldn't find anything.
  10. The core doesn't open until a gateway chamber is unlocked and will close when putting in the resource, so if you activated a surface gateway then yes I think this is a bug. Try quitting your game idk.
  11. You activated a gateway chamber on the surface, right? Also, this doesn't seem to fit in the bug reports and crashes section.
  12. So I'm running around on Calidor, and you know the little rocks all over the terrain. The tiny cube rocks, the same color as the ground. I keep getting stuck on those and it is really annoying. It pauses my running for like a second, more or less. Sometimes, I don't even see a rock! Unless there are even tinier rocks or they are like 95% in the ground, yet I still hit their hitboxes. I'm unsure if it happens on other planets
  13. This happened to me in the same world on PC and Xbox. (one time on each) So, I made a very very very tall ramp into the sky, on Sylva. The soil turned blue and the planet looked small. I noticed something in the air that wasn't a star. I got excited because I wanted to try to build a ramp to another planet, knowing that the Desolo that I see isn't really there. The thing I saw is very small but looks like the teleporters. Trying to get closer, I kept building and eventually hit an invisible barrier. I first assumed there must be a limit of how far you can get from the planet while still t
  14. I think it would be a great idea to have auto-placing tethers. Something you can easily turn on and off in your backpack. They would auto-place right when you get to the max range between tethers. I am suggesting this because when I am exploring and using tethers for oxygen, I have to guess when the perfect moment is to place a tether, WHILE RUNNING. You don't want to wait too long before it won't connect to the previous tether and you don't want to place it too early so that you use more tethers than was necessary. It is annoying when I place a tether out of range and have to t