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  1. As the crane has 2 Tier 1 attachment slots, they feel pretty useless since I've tested Augments and they don't seem to work... are those tier 1 slots intented to be used for boosters? Is this under development, or? How about making another 3rd slot on top of the 2 Tier ones so you can use 3 boosters like the terrain tool has?
  2. Augment - "Laser pointer" There are times when some resources are stacked together and I want to pick one but not another so I've been thinking about a new Augment for the Terrain Tool, how about a resource targeted Augment? The functionality is simple: - take the Augment out of your terrain tool and attach it to a resource the same way Packager interacts with objects, green light when it is available to use. - or, the Augment could have an F key to interact with it, just like the beacon, and it cycles through all the materials, once that material is set it will only mine that material + terrain of course, so it can also interact with Inhibitor. - another option, and probably the best one, is for the Augment to have an Tier 1 attachment itself so you can place your material of choice without having to interact with the menu