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  1. I had a similar issue on PC. The lag slowly built up until eventually my game crashed funnily enough it crash when I tried to get into a vehicle as well. After I rebooted my computer (for an unrelated issue) it was perfectly fine. I think it is because later in the game you end up traveling between planets more (Because you can/Need to) . So you end up loading a bunch random stuff and keeping it loaded when it doesn't need to be which ends up slowing down the game. Possible Fix: If the cause is what I suspect; I think a possible solution to this problem for the developers (If it isn't already part of the game) is to do something similar to what Terraria does to deal with this. Instead of letting a machine stay loaded and continue running when you aren't on the same planet as it. You can unload the machine then when it loads again figure out how much would have been done if it had stayed loaded. Lets say I set up an atmospheric condenser on Atrox to collect some Helium and then leave the planet. Since I don't want to keep typing Atmospheric Condenser I'm going to abbreviate it "AC" This is what happens. When the player is out of range of the AC: Unload the AC Note the time AC was unloaded When the player come back into range: Check the current time Calculate the amount of time that the AC hadn't been loaded for Calculate how much Helium would have been produced in that amount of time Load the AC and connected storage Add the amount of Helium produced to the storage
  2. YES Although it would probably be a bit OP. Maybe as an endgame kind of thing
  3. Maybe something like the compass in Minecraft: something that points toward your spawnpoint. or A way to see your longitude and latitude.
  4. I have a mouse that has 6 extra buttons on it aside from left, right and middle click. I wanted to bind Tether to one of these buttons but it wouldn't let me. I don't know if it is a bug or if it just isn't in the game. Make it possible to bind actions that are normally assigned to the keyboard to buttons on a mouse and vise versa. My fix: I have a Razer mouse so my solution is create a mouse profile that changes all the buttons to keys. Ex: When I press Mouse Button 5 it pretends that I pressed "T" on my keyboard.
  5. An option to disable and/or adjust the volume of the music for specific areas. For example I have a save where I am building my base on the satellite which means I spend a lot of time listening the music there and any song given enough time listening it will start to get annoying. The idea is that you could turn down the music in only a specific area that way you don't have to change it every time you go to a different area. Yes I do recognize that I'm being really lazy and should just change it when ever I'm at the satellite but the lazy way is the best way.