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  1. I was thinking, concerning the second point, in conjunction with Astroneers modular designs; the exoskeleton itself could be a chassis of sorts like the buggy and there could be three different seats that could be installed. The regular rover seat, an open top variant with backpack access (late game item) and a fully enclosed, armoured seat with weather resistance (very late game item). I had imagined that it would be harder to exit the armoured variant for the players safety, instead of just pressing a button, why not move the cursor over the seat and then activate it?
  2. Got a potentially dumb question, when I see this topic in a list its title has a star at the beginning, but here in the topic I can't find the star (five pointer thats light grey). What's that about?
  3. The only niches I think a mech fills in this game would be, 1. The ability to clip the mech onto a cargo slot. None of the existing vehicles can be "stored" anywhere, I'd tow a buggy behind a large rover if I could because of how cumbersome large rovers are. The main reason though is because you have to use packagers to transport vehicles in a shuttle. 2. I've found mention elsewhere in these forums of storms and other more harsh environmental hazards and I think this is what a mech should be for. A massive, nigh on invulnerable E.V. suit. In a nutshell, providing that we get mo