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    Low Framerate

    Having a similar performance issues. It sounds like mine come in a different flavor but I had to knock my settings down to Medium and a lower resolution to help minimize it. Even then, I'm still getting quite a bit of stuttering when driving around. I didn't have nearly as much trouble earlier in the year so I'm thinking it's a problem with the recent updates.
  2. I came back to this game earlier in the week to check out the new content. The last time I played before then was in June. I'm really enjoying the new content but the performance has degraded quite a bit since then. I've got really choppy frame rates when driving, launching into space, or any quick traversing really. There also seems to be some issues with terrain pop-in and bits of floating terrain hanging around when they should have disappeared. I brought down my settings all to medium, standard for cloud quality, and it doesn't seem to help much. Previously I was playing with much higher settings with less issues. System: AMD FX 6300 GTX 750ti 16GB ram