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  1. Stilgaard

    PS4 offline LAN Multiplayer

    I don't have PS+ and play the game solo just fine. You just won't be able to do the multiplayer achievements
  2. Stilgaard

    PS4 Lag

    There was a PS specific patch just released as announced over on Discord, please download it and test as well.
  3. Playing on PS4, have 2 med canisters on a large storage silo (on the back tail/horizontal, not on back top pointing vertical) of my large rover. (only 1 no train) and the canister fill and feed the paver just fine. I believe if the canisters are not attached to the lead rover/same as the drill and paver they will not fill/feed?
  4. Stilgaard

    How the heck do you make a smelter?

    You need to unlock it in the catalog first with bytes.
  5. Stilgaard

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    Not sure but I have seen that on XBox they directly get a copy of your crash report from the game, so you may just need to open a bug report, give them as many details as possible including time occurred and they can look at the reports. They have been very responsive and communicating with me regarding my PS4 issues.
  6. Stilgaard

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    I filled out a bug report email last night and attached my save to a Google Drive link, already received a reply, they are investigating. Suggest doing the same for anyone else seeing the same crashes and issues still so they have as much info as possible to narrow this down.
  7. Stilgaard

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    "Storms are not coming back anytime soon"
  8. Stilgaard

    Is the Exo Req Platform still working?

    It's over
  9. Stilgaard

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    "True Flat" is mentioned right in the notes: "This update also includes some experimental changes to terrain that should greatly improve the control that you have to make flat surfaces for a much cleaner look." And to go further here is exactly what Joe said "The plan is....." is getting included now with future additions to the system and mention of a timeline.
  10. Stilgaard

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    Thank you!
  11. Stilgaard

    Bring back Storms!

    Joe confirmed on a live stream with Z1 and PAX South they will not be coming back any time soon and why
  12. Stilgaard

    PS4 Crash while entering Rover/Ship/Home

    I found someone is saying in the Discord that the optimization patch should/will be Monday. Guess we'll see.
  13. On PS4 what I believe would work is slave the camera view to the right joystick like it is now, and slave the drill angle to the up/down axis on the LEFT joystick, currently it is only used for turning the vehicle left/right, going up/down on the left stick now appears to do nothing?
  14. Stilgaard

    PS4 Crash while entering Rover/Ship/Home

    I'll add to this> PS4 Slim. I now have a 19.93MB save that will crash practically on demand on my PS4 when jumping into a rover. I'd be willing to upload it to help test if that's a thing. All 7 planets discovered. All items learned/unlocked through Bytes with ~60,000 more bytes stored up. 4 planets have all surface gateways unlocked, no cores unlocked yet. Apollo 11 discover (not that you get any credit for it on PS4) 3 of the Wanderer probes discovered. Barely any strings of tethers left about. 1 base on each planet, Sylvia is the main one with all my storage and production, all other planets have a few platforms, oxygenator, power and condensers. 1600 points towards CHEER reward earned. Tried replacing my PS4 HDD with an SSD, completely fresh install on new SSD, and only loaded my Astroneer save, game load times are now spectacular, however now crashing on save when jumping into my Rover on Sylvia where my main base is after upgrading and unlocking all surface gates on Glacio and going back to Sylvia. Saving in the default habitat does not crash (yet) but I'm at a wall now for any further progress until the crashes are resolved. Rebuilding PS4 Database no longer helps. Even just walking around the base turns into a slideshow at times, even with no research running. One thing I do realize is that in all my planetary circumnavigations, I have left a trail of unwanted materials behind from drilling/paving due to no room in the rover, and this became a serious problem right after finishing unlocking all surface nodes on Glacio and going back to Sylvia.