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  1. Hi. I want to share an interesting story. Today I was testing winch and towing for the first time. It works really bad and I think it needs to be improved. It is not really towing... it is like stretching a bungee and waitinh what happens. Usually it is the load that jumps on top of the rover, but when I leave the rover it is usually rover flying away... Anyway, I was towing a field research unit and at some point the unit hit the rover and the rover flipped upside down on top of the research unit. I tried to flip it back, but instead, my astronaut left the rover and found himself
  2. I was actually thinking about introducing the satelites and drones later in the game, when you have explored a few planets without them. So the tech needed to create both features would require plenty of rare materials, chemistry and a lot of bytes. Also, I do not think it would ruin your game. It would be you deciding whether you want to research and manufacture the satellites or not. It is a bit like with portable oxygenerator. You need plenty of research and rare meterials to build one. So before you do it, you explore at least 3 planets without it. Then you decide if you actually
  3. Hi. This is a quite complex idea for some new technologies in the game and the way they can work and improve the experience. I understand that what I have written is enough for a whole new update, but why not? Satellites I believe satellites should have slots for sensors and for other devices, so they could be customised for our needs. They need to be powered by solar energy and have a built-in battery. Now, a perfectly working satellite with enough power would update sensor information every 5 minutes. But the further from the sun, this time would obviously be longer.