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    Need help bug Astroneer ps4

    Have you awakened any other planets yet? And if so, did this trigger the corresponding achievements correctly?
  2. I had this problem on Glacio as well. Then I found out that all of them had generated twice and I had virtually 12 Gateways, 6 of which were "fake." Could both of you please confirm that this is because there are two Gateways generating on top of each other on these planets and the bottom ones are "fake" and can only be used as an origin node when activated but not as a destination?
  3. Summary: - Steam - Got achievement after activating 31/34 Gateways (+ 3 Glacio dupes) Description: This is basically a bug on top of the duplicate Glacio Gateways. After finishing the game, I had one Steam achievement left to get (+ the one you automatically get for gathering all others). I had already activated all Gateways on most planets including 3 of the dupes on Glacio. All I still needed was to activate the last 5 on Calidor. After activating 2 more Gateways on Calidor, to my surprise, I already received the Steam achievement in question. Now I get that the total number of Gateway chambers there are supposed to be in a solar system is 34 and I had 40 of which I activated 34, so I see that the prerequisite for the achievement must basically be a counter, but perhaps this counter should not increase with more than 6 per planet (2 for moons). That would also prevent other bugs in the future. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Latest over the course of 2019-10-31 - 2019-12-29 Specifications: N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Now there are quite a few other bugs I have experienced over the last two months (not all on the latest version), some of which must already have been reported and some of which are pretty minor/niche. I will list them here. Please tell me if you know if any of these bugs have been reported already. I will create extra threads for the rest of them with more details: [ALREADY REPORTED] Double generation/spawning of debris and research pods. Possibly hazards as well? Oh, one of my probes was also doubled. [ALREADY REPORTED] The Glacio double Gateway bug. Render bugs. In particular with Medium Batteries' power bars rotating around an off-center point. (NVidia GeForce 441.66) When I get timed out from a multiplayer session hosted by my friend (which happened a lot) and then rejoin, the interface for (filled) Research Chambers will not work for me anymore. It will say that the research time is 00:00 and I can not activate it. If I recall correctly, this happened to the Trade Platform as well. This gets reset after they quit to main menu and reload the save. I found a packager in a broken backpack and it didn't function. When I printed a new packager, this one did function as expected. When I attached the found packager to an object, it did attach, but when hovering over it, it did not give me the option to package by holding F. The light might not have been green either. If I only have 1 of a resource in my inventory, let's say Resin, I browse the Backpack printer to Canister and I have a small printer set to print a medium storage (no resources yet), I can shift click the resin hologram on the Small Printer while printing the Canister to move the partially consumed Resin from my backpack printer to the small printer. Afterwards I can not quite interact with the Resin, which means I can not finish printing the Canister without feeding it another Resin, resulting in another partially consumed Resin, effectively wasting it. I hope this helps.
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    Double Stuff

    I have experienced both of these. The double items not on any particular planet for as far as I recall, but it might only have been on Silva. The double gateway chambers on Glacio is a known bug that a friend of mine informed me about weeks ago. If any of them are double, all six of them are double. The top one is usually the "real" one that you can teleport to. The bottom one can be activated as well and you can use it to teleport somewhere else, but it will not "brighten" the node when "Gazing upon" an odd stone on Glacio. At least one Steam achievement is affected by this bug as well. ;) Mind you, this was all on a Multiplayer world that was created about 2 months ago.