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  1. A first-person view will help with part of the problem - seeing what you are hitting. I would really really like to see some finer control when drilling on a rover. It should not be so laborious to just keep level (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq7kUQtyx9I for example) . Simple suggestion: Make the CTRL key lock the drill to rover-relative level. Ideally this would be as true a level as CTRL while mining, but even with the polygon-edge wobble the video mentions this would be much better than "don't touch the mouse or you'll dive to the planet's core". Fancier suggestion - also make a hotkey (ALT maybe) that sets the drill to local horizontal, like the alignment mod for the deform tool.
  2. I'm enjoying this game a lot, it hits a sweet spot for me. I'm guessing I'm approaching the mid-game in my own way - I beelined to bigger vehicles after I got all my sources of production, and using found medium solar and wind units plus small ones I built. Now I'm looking at the tedium of fiddling with the small soil containers at the centrifuge. I am considering spending the bytes for the medium canister, but the wiki doesn't say whether or nor the centrifuge will draw from one. This worries me because the wiki usually explicitly covers similar questions (like some power sources don't work well on storages). Filling the small ones before putting them in the centrifuge would be an extra step in the tedium, not an improvement.