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  1. Shredder has a bug, when if it doesn't have space, instead of dropping it, to be taken by automatic arms or to be dropped intentionally, it just halts and pauses till it has space or someone takes it
  2. Research chamber bug, no repeat button,maybe that's a feature? but when you make it start research that object, after it finishes, it will repeat, without letting you even checking how many bytes it has first
  3. there was also 2 debris research chambers in one spot but i removed them
  4. Enemies: Plant based enemies , Enemies on each planet , Bosses at every core Weapons: Pistol(by default) Shotgun Automatic weapons Bazooka(uses explosive powder) Also add first person mode Add enemy bytes so you can upgrade your weapons.
  5. add radioactive mask for atrox and a green visor and other stuff for other planets