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    list of all research/items

    that wiki is incorrect BTW
  2. Jasilo

    Stuck in seat

  3. habitat deployed that i attached to my spaceship when i relaunched the game.
  4. Jasilo

    Show off your base! 

    How to travel in style!
  5. Jasilo

    Astroneer Staffing, a LFG discord!

    Discord link has expired. please provide permanent link.
  6. Jasilo

    Show off your base! 

    Check test 2
  7. I think its a texture issue or a planet one. doesn't matter how slow i try on the moon, the surfaces refuse to get flat, i can use the flat tool on the same area of and it will change on certain texture. Please don't disregard this concern with a mere 'go slow post'. My Home base is flat as a bowling ally, I'm well aware of the go slow ideology.
  8. attempting to get a flat surface is damn near impossible. The smooth tool hasn't been the same since the patch. i can smooth the same area over and over again and get different results each time. I just want a flat surface >.<
  9. Jasilo

    Share your bases/creations!