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  1. I've been having the same problem ever since the Salvage Initiative update.
  2. I noticed that the cubes generated by the Leveling Block go in the wrong direction and are angled. In contrast, the screenshot in the announcement for the update shows it going upright, which I assume it's supposed to do. What's shown in the picture below was made entirely with the Leveling Block (notice how it's crooked compared with the player's viewpoint):
  3. I have this issue on the Steam version, but just occasionally
  4. Well, if you want the tab key to bring up the research catalog again, you can always reset the keybindings (that worked for me)
  5. I've seen this happen with backpacks that spawn on the ground. And unfortunately, unlike player backpacks, those don't despawn when all the slots are empty.
  6. I've seen them on all the other planets (and moons), but I've never seen any on Vesania, for some reason. This is holding back my progress on the holiday content, since I'm currently on Vesania and intend to stay there for a while.
  7. I've actually seen this happen to me on Calidor. I've activated like four or five of those things, and I've noticed that two of them can warp to each other, but can't reach the others. The other ones that aren't affected by the glitch still operate correctly.
  8. Whenever I close the game, either through the game itself or force-closing it through the Steam interface that appears in-game, it's technically still running, and can't be found in the Windows task manager, but Steam indicates that it's still running when trying to start the game again (the STOP button on the library page doesn't work on this game). Ultimately, I have to close the Steam application completely to get the game to close.