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  1. Unrelated but it would also be great if 'unsupported' terrain de-spawned as a function of the deformation process. It's just really annoying trying to locate all the little 'bits' you missed that float in the air and still have collision attached to them but are only a few pixels wide. If unsupported terrain de-spawned, that'd be a game changer too!
  2. I was thinking more like configurable saves for Adventure Mode rather than Creative. A range of variables that you could configure in a menu a little like the Creative Mode menu that would result in games that fall into an Easy, Normal, Hard Mode type categorisation system each with it's own series of incentives (cosmetics) and 'achievements' (I play on PS4) to unlock. So 'Hard' mode or 'Survival Mode' might include your equipment attrition idea (or not, games should be fully customisable for endless repeat playability potential) as well as a few other challenges such as fewer resources,
  3. Fair play! I think *configurable games* could be the way to address this which is something you alluded to in your original post. This has been mentioned previously by others in these forums and reddit. I would be interested to try your equipment attrition feature but I would also like the ability to switch it off depending on what I wanted to do in a particular save. It would be cool to increase/decrease *difficulty* adding or subtracting survival mechanics or increasing/reducing the amount of resources available on each planet. Imagine if there were for example only two or three resin d
  4. I like the idea of attrition or wear and tear (because space and radiation and alien planets and things…) but I can't think of a good example or past implementation I enjoyed. The Frigate maintenance in No Mans Sky being the best worst example. Absolute chore and some of the least fun gameplay I have ever experienced. However, the idea that modules such as the Chemistry Lab or Smelter might be good for a number of cycles and then require replacement. That kind of makes sense but again having to replace things for no real reason other than adding a grind mechanic could become a chore prett
  5. I love the Rover Drill/Paver combination but it isn't the easiest thing to control. I would like for example to create a 'corkscrew' shaped tunnel down to the core of the planet but maintaining the correct downward angle and left or right rotation of the rover consistently is very difficult at the moment. If there were a slightly more sophisticated H.U.D. interface that would allow the player to 'lock' the down/upwards angle of attack for the drill/paver as well as locking the rover left/right direction to drill and pave with greater precision… I think that would be super cool! A mor
  6. The title is a little misleading. I love Astroneer and will continue playing indefinitely regardless but I have been thinking about an idea a lot recently whilst playing that could add life and longevity to a save file; incentivise continuing to play within that save rather than start anew. It was actually the first thing that popped into my head a few months ago, right after I completed the game. Wouldn’t it be cool to progress from the current solar system to a new one after having unlocked all the things and collected all the things and taken them to the thing and triggered the thing… It ju
  7. I like the idea of storms retuning, even as a purely aesthetic event. I think there is generally a desire across both community and developers to bring storms back BUT how to do so in a compelling and fun way? I only started playing with the PS4 release so I completely missed the original storms but from the various YouTube clips I have seen they looked really cool, it made the planets look/feel more alive. In the short-term I would be happy just to 'see' the storms now and again with no tangible effect on the gameplay. Inviting the player to stop for a moment and take a pause in whatever they
  8. I love this idea. Possibly a nightmare to implement (imagine the A.I. for this thing, having to adapt to player deformation of terrain and randomly dropped objects) but go big or go home, right?! I was thinking of something similar, a tier 2 size 'drone' or auto-pilot module that could be attached to any vehicle and 'programmed' to move back and fourth between nodes, the nodes being either landing pads for rockets or a special rover docking station for rovers. It's a pain currently to move things over long distances, the Large Shuttle isn't really large enough and the rovers struggle whic
  9. Nice. I think we definitely need an 'end game goal' or two, something big and epic and sci-fi in which to dump bytes and resources. Personally I want to build a bomb capable of triggering a stellar event of procedurally generated beauty. An explosion perhaps capable of destroying the solar system (initiate a 'Big Bang' event that results in the deletion of the old save and beginning a new one, you keep the contents of your backpack) or creating a black hole or something… I like your space station idea. I like the idea in general of constructing orbital modules such as satellites to help with
  10. Yes! An air vehicle of some kind (I like the idea of a Hydrazine powered Luna Lander style contraption that flies similar to the Astroneer Jetpack) is desperately needed to navigate planets such as Vesania, Novus and Atrox as their surface design is incredibly unkind to rovers of any size unless you burn through them with the drill/paver combo which I prefer not to do as it impacts greatly on save performance overall. Most importantly though I think it would be really good fun to fly something like that around. It would certainly encourage greater exploration. Flying around collecting research
  11. I'm desperate for some kind of train/pipeline system. Running backwards and forwards to collect resource canisters can be a terrible chore at times. I tried creating an auto-arm conveyer with some success but it was a chore to set it up and then I had to babysit the thing to keep the arms working even with a sensor system to regulate them.
  12. Yes! I was thinking the same recently. I would love to see a new tier size for existing modules with expanded functionality. I now find myself using multiple smelters, soil centrifuges and chemistry labs to populate the various production lines but isn't very efficient. Running everything requires a lot of power (both in game and in terms of processing load on the PS4…) which inspired my own ideas regarding tier 4 smelters, soil centrifuges and chemistry labs. I imagine tier 4 versions of existing production modules to provide greater throughput but also greater sophistication and complexity i
  13. I am experiencing this issue too. I have mine mounted on an Extra Large Platform C rather than a Large Rover.
  14. If I am remembering correctly, the chamber was already running when I saw the Astronium move from storage to the chamber. I’ll see if I can find the clip for you this weekend. Maybe I dreamt it! It would make sense (as you say) for the chamber to auto-start if the is a research item available in local storage. Maybe it should be more like the Smelter, it’s either on/off. If it’s on then it simply drags into itself whatever is in local storage and can be researched? it would free the player to engage in the fun part of researching, running around and collecting the research.