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    Game crashing. X box one

    Eventually, your game will get to where it crashes everytime you try save/enter vehicle. Then you will sit by and wonder why they are ignoring this game breaking bug. And you'll be sad that you cant play the new Holiday update because you cant play the game. Oh, wait i was talking about myself.. and a Bunch of others in the Ignored section.
  2. My game is now unplayable. I was able to activate the last of all Gateways, but cant save that progress. I dont understand how this NOT listed in the known bugs and there is no mention of them working to fix this. I have seen people mentioning this happening on all platforms going back months. Playing on Xbox One X: Still need the "light 10 fireworks in 10 seconds achievement to get all achievements. Very Sad I can play the Holiday Event!
  3. Jack Herbert

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    So very Sad! My game is also *Borked* as I can load it, but anytime i get in a rover to save, it crashes me back to dashboard on Xbox One X. My question is, this has been a known bug for so long, as I have read many others complain about it, WHY are you not addressing that people cant play the game anymore instead of pumping out updates??? How can I convince mt friends to get the game and play with me, IF I CANT PLAY MY OWN GAME SAVE????