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  1. On the discord, I saw a clip of someone saying how the UI for Astroneer is all physical, so it'd have to be redesigned for VR... I completely don't understand this. Beyond the fact that you can't see your backpack from a first person perspective, everything would work very well in VR - almost all VR UI I've seen that wasn't a total pain to use was physical. So, the backpack problem. One, make it so you can physically reach behind yourself to pull it out, or reach behind yourself with an item to put it away. (Same with the digging tool, except you reach to your side.) Beyond that, the only issue is being unable to see your widget slots, oxygen, or power level. Bracelets would work well for this, I think: One bracelet shows your power level on its band, the other shows your oxygen level, with widget slot indicators for the corresponding side on each. Most items would show their icon, (in negative colors if it's turned off) with the exceptions of jetpacks which would show their fuel meter, or probe scanners, which would show an arrow for scanner direction and a ring of proximity lights. As far as I know, these are the only things you'd need to know about without specifically looking at your backpack.