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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply Marc, appreciate that. I downloaded the game end of October so it would have been pre-creative update. I haven't seen in the patch notes that it was fixed - Maybe I'll try a new game and hope for the best? Thanks again.
  2. My version is I can't edit the original post to change the title. Sorry!
  3. Here are two relevant pictures.One shows the active gateway you can see the oddstone plus the vertical line above the gateway, the other shows the multiple gateways stacked.
  4. Windows 10, PC, Steam, Keyboard and mouse. I've activated 4 of the gateways on Glacio, and they did the usual animation and I can see the odd stone and travel to other nodes. However, on activating 4 nodes, 2 stay dim, even though I can interact with the odd stone and travel to activated nodes, but then cant travel back because it thinks that node is dim. Again, I can travel FROM the dim node, so the gateway is active. 3 other side notes: - On the broken gateways, I can still see the vertical blue line traveling up from the gateway as if it's INactive, but I can see the odd stone as f it was active. - When I reload the save, if I approach a broken gateway, as I approach it looks as it it is NOT active, and I can see the pillars and the power sockets, but when I get close enough, it changes to the active gateway with the odd stone. - One of the gateways that is broken, it looks as if there are 2 gateways stacked on top of each other? The architecture of the structure looks strange, unlike the others. Can I reload planets? I've almost got the achievement, I don't really want to start again if there is a risk of this happening again. Thanks