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    Calidor Gateway Glitch-Steam-Windows7

    My saves are prior to creative. (prior to jet packs even) I started to wonder if that was the reason. My feedback from support was the following... I poked around and unfortunately I really can't find a reason for why this is happening. In fact, when I load this up on one of our dev build's all the terrain on Calidor vanishes, so I think that this file somehow got borked somewhere along the way. The only thing I can do at this point is file a bug report with this save and have an engineer take a look to see if there's a reason that this happened. As for you, is this impeding your gameplay at all? Aside from teleporting, has it stopped any of achievements or anything from unlocking? Hopefully aside from the inconvenience of not being able to teleport to Calidor (which is a shame, because it's the best planet) it doesn't look you out of anything, but please let me know! I haven’t played since (busy!) but I intended on going to another planet to see if this affected more than Calidor and point out it happened after the updates.
  2. ElariaTawn

    Calidor Gateway Glitch-Steam-Windows7

    I have had the same issue on Windows 10-Steam. I emailed support but have not received a reply yet. The oddest thing is I have the core and Node 5 available, and have for a while. Did not play for maybe a month, powered 2 more nodes last week (4 and 5) and they only exist lit up when they are the origin. Leaving them causes them to be DIM despite the gateway being visibly active. Came here looking for the answer as well. If I hear anything I will post :)