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  1. I think people would spoil themself if new players just dug to the center of the planet and ruin there experience, or at least make the endgame cutscene not play unless they have already beaten the game EDIT, i have recently seen a person trick a new player into spoiling themself in creative in the disc server
  2. I beleive if you attach the wide mod and make flat terrain is should make the height of the radious bigger instead of having a small gap that you have to expand in order to get through
  3. that would have to require a lot of coding unless it made its own tunnels
  4. I would love if i was able to play mouse and keyboard because i already love astroneer so much but on xbox its sorta hard to control when digging. some of the keyboard controls already work on xbox but not the rest and thats kind weird.
  5. I would personally love if the turbines would turn if you were driving a vehicle, if it worked like a spedometer. the way this works is using the logic of how turbines spin when wind passes, when your driving a vehicle it should make wind pass through the turbines creating energy. P.S. thanks for reading